Government & Military


At Greyman Ops, we understand the unique requirements and constraints of governmental and military operations. With our team boasting ex-ADF members possessing TS clearance, we are primed to access restricted areas and carry out specialized services. Our expertise encompasses everything from executing pest removal programs to conducting advanced aerial surveys.


Humane Pest Removal Operations

Leveraging our diverse experience in both aerial and ground operations, we commit to the humane removal of feral and pest animals from Defence and Government land. Our comprehensive approach ensures minimal disruption while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


Advanced Aerial Surveying for Feral Control

Our aerial surveying services, utilizing both thermal and optical technologies, play a crucial role in monitoring and controlling feral populations. We offer these services to facilitate effective wildlife management strategies on governmental and defence land.


Urban Operations

With our expertise in navigating complex urban environments, Greyman Ops stands ready to deliver precise and efficient services tailored to urban settings. Our trained professionals use advanced UAV technologies for a range of applications, ensuring optimal outcomes every time.