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About Company

GreymanOPS provides specialized professional humane pest destruction and removal services.

Whether you have pigeon problems in the City or pigs in the bush, Greyman Ops provides comprehensive pest management solutions.

Effective pest control projects require rigorous planning and professional execution.

Our experience enables us to develop pragmatic and structured plans to provide the best value for money solutions for you and surrounding land owners.

Pest birds giving you grief? Our experts have devised innovative methods to prevent pest birds from nesting and causing damage to your valuable property. Our solutions are tailor-made for each client, with effective and professional solutions for bird control that cause minimal harm to the birds but keep your premises clean and secure.



Safe and Effective

Skilled professionals with best possible equipment& technology


Discrete urban services

Aerial and land based capabilities


Professional Service

Experienced precision vertebrate pest destruction inside and outside; Schools, Shopping complex, Warehouses and parks